Attending Authors

Chrissy's Conventions & Creations, LLC is ecstatic to announce the following romance authors will be in attendance at Romance in CNY 2025!

2025 Authors:​
Author Visit their Website Pre-Order

Ainsley Jaymes

Amber Nicole

Amber R. Duell

Andrea Jenelle Pre-Order Here!

Anna Lynn Hammar Pre-Order Here!

Bethany Monaco Smith

BL Maxwell

Brian Scala Pre-Order Here!
Camie Parrish/ C.M Nyx

Cassidy K. O'Connor /

C.K. O'Connor Pre-Order Here!

Cat Johnson

Cecile Tellier

E.S. McMillan Pre-Order Here!

H.C. Riley

J. L. Stray

Jamie K. Schmidt

Jennifer Daniels

Jillian MacGregor

Judith Paolercio

K.M. Baker

Karissa Kinword

Kayla Martin Pre-Order Here!

Kelly Kay
Kitty Berry Pre-Order Here!

Kristen Strassel

L.M. Maretti

Lauren Biel

Lynn Burke

Lynn Montagano

M.L. Pennock

Megan Ryder / Sabrina Silvers

Michaela Sawyer

Molly Briar Pre-Order Here!

Monique Shepherd
Nicole Ryan
Nicole Sanchez

Nikki A Lamers

Peggy Jaeger

S.A. Price/Dagmar Avery / Anastasia Virgas

Sadie Winchester

Shana Gray

Stevie MacFarlane / Markie Morelli

Tami Mason
Tere Michaels

Thea Landen


Last Updated: 04.06.2024